disposal of automotive waste

Disposal of automotive waste

Industrial waste is a global problem of modern society. Any enterprise, whether it is an industrial giant or a small private factory, not only produces a useful end product, but also produces large amounts of waste. These wastes have their own classification of toxicity and hazard level, storage and disposal of waste not appropriate to their level of toxicity can lead to very unpleasant consequences.
Development of transport network and widespread motorisation led to the issue that automotive waste disposal has global significance. Automotive waste in most cases is classified as hazardous, which excludes their disposal by burying.
Enterprise’s neglect of the health regulations, failure to comply with measures for the disposal of details hazardous to the environment: filters, tires, oil and batteries, will inevitably lead to a response from the government in the form of severe penalties, up to the prohibition of business.
Utilizatsiya Otkhodov provides services for the collection, processing, transportation, disposal and recycling of automotive waste.
For a long period of time our company has been engaged in the waste management of all hazard classes. In our work we are completely customer-oriented; a high level of service is determined by the following factors:
  • qualified employees;
  • specialised equipment;
  • responsible attitude;
  • full compliance with sanitary norms and rules of applicable law.
Our specialists will provide removal of automotive waste, followed by recycling, quickly and in time. We use the most modern and progressive methods of automotive waste destruction, which do not cause any direct or potential harm to the environment.
If your company’s business is such that the car wastes are produced on a regular basis, then you can safely trust our experience. Our clients include automotive businesses, car repair shops, service stations, agricultural farms, and many other enterprises that have been able to assess the high level of professionalism, efficiency and punctuality performance of our employees.