disposal of promotional equipment

Disposal of promotional equipment

Advertising is an integral part of modern business. Special role for companies in an environment where people less watch TV and read newspapers, is given to outdoor advertising as a source of public information about services provided or the range of goods.
Means of outdoor advertising are very diverse, it can be: electronic boards, signs, banner constructions, cross street banners, billboards, panels, brackets. Stationary billboards are placed either on buildings or on independent structures.
Nothing lasts forever, as if it did not sound prosaic. Over time, even once popular advertising space may cease to be relevant, and professionally installed equipment becomes shabby and unusable. Then comes the moment to remember such an important and useful service as removal of promotional equipment.
Disposal of promotional equipment is provided by specialised organisations that have all the necessary permits and licenses to conduct such operations.
Utilizatsiya Otkhodov offers a range of services related to the dismantling of promotional equipment, its transportation and subsequent disposal.
Our company is a team of professionals, who knows their business, carrying out work at the appropriate level with the use of specialised equipment and modern technology.
Recycling of signs is the most difficult and responsible work related to the utilisation of lighting equipment (neon, LED, halogen and fluorescent lamps), which usually contain harmful elements and gases. Our care about the environment is not only a word, that’s why we transport hazardous elements to the specialised collection units for waste disposal and recycling of extra high hazard wastes.
Dismantling and disposal of banners due to the wear and tear and loss of exterior appearance is one of many services provided by our company.
Using our services, you can be sure that the whole process of recycling will be provided without any complications or difficulties on our part.
Our activity is based on principles such as:
  • individual approach to each client;
  • high level of professionalism;
  • qualified employees;
  • operational work of the company’s employees;
  • timely provision to the customers with all the necessary documentation which reflects all the stages of the work provided.
Signing an agreement with the company Utilizatsiya Otkhodov, you can completely rely on our professionalism, and forget about such a problem as utilisation of promotional equipment.