disposal of consumer goods

Disposal of consumer goods

Proper and timely waste disposal is of top-priority importance to modern society. It is not just recycling of waste of automotive, construction, medical, food, but also other types of production. Of great importance, both for the metropolis and for a small town are the safe disposal of consumer goods. Especially this issue is relevant for regions with developed industry, since the environmental situation no longer allows mindless relation to waste; it’s time to think about the civilised method of disposal.
Disposal of consumer goods shall be carried for the following reasons:
  • manufacturing defects or defective goods;
  • expired products;
  • unsafe goods.
In order to properly organise the waste management system, it is necessary to involve a specialised organisation, which is able to solve the tasks assigned to it and adjust properly collecting, sorting, transportation and subsequent disposal of non-seller. Otherwise, in case of violation of various regulations, it will be immediately followed by huge fines from the parent organisations.
Utilizatsiya Otkhodov offers its customers a complete service for the removal and disposal of waste in any amount. Recycling of consumer goods is carried out in accordance with all relevant requirements, epidemiological rules and legislation. We have all the necessary permits and licenses for this type of activity, specialised transport and qualified staff.
Our activity is based on:
  • individual approach to each client;
  • high level of professionalism and extensive experience;
  • operating decision of set missions.
Signing an agreement with the company Utilizatsiya Otkhodov, you can forget about the problems associated with the disposal of, and focus on your core business. The whole process from collection to destruction of non-seller is under close supervision of qualified specialists.
If desired, the customer may be present at the site during the process of articles’ destruction. After completing all the work, our representatives will provide the customer with all documentation confirming that the recycling process was successful.