Waste Management. Solutions

Utilizatsiya Otkhodov is ready to provide the industrial and private sectors with recycling and disposal of waste materials of hazard classes I-V. Solutions offered by our Company will timely and in appropriate manner provide help in finding the right approach to solve a particular problem in the whole chain – from waste production to its recycling.
Priority of the Company Utilizatsiya Otkhodov is to develop and provide a full range of business activities for collection, removal and recycling of waste. We offer ready-made solutions in full: monitoring and waste management, service and qualified personnel, as well as modern technology to overcome any difficulties.
Waste management on our part is provided in such manner so as to avoid contact of waste with the flora and fauna completely, and to avoid environmental risks of the enterprise.
Extensive experience and a skilled team ensure that the collection and disposal of waste will be conducted in accordance with all environmental regulations and requirements.
We can say with confidence that Utilizatsiya Otkhodov will find an individual solution to your problem and significantly reduce your costs for the collection, removal and disposal of all hazard classes waste materials.
Ready-made solutions created by Utilizatsiya Otkhodov are the following:
  • timely collection and disposal of waste;
  • waste recycling;
  • servicing all types of industrial facilities;
  • work with the private sector, etc.
Our team managers are available to answer any questions related to the ready-made solutions created to organize the collection and removal of waste from the site of your company.