Corporate Services provided by “Utilizatsiya Otkhodov”

Modern Company Utilizatsiya Otkhodov offers its clients a full range of services in the field of social and industrial ecology, as well as providing services in maintenance of public and commercial enterprises.
Everyone who works in the environmental department of an enterprise, knows how much garbage and waste is produced in the production process. How many people have to provide cleanness of premises? Entering into agreement with each person individually is not profitable to the enterprise from an economic point of view.
Our company offers an agreement for the following comprehensive services:
  • collection, identification of facility wastes;
  • removal and disposal of wastes of various hazard classes;
  • waste recycling;
  • delivery of special waste containers for various hazard classes;
  • drafting of environmental documentation;
  • monitoring services.
For several years Utilizatsiya Otkhodov was able to collect highly qualified staff and obtain vast experience of working with waste of different hazard classes.
Our efficiency and competence is the key to a clear and rapid implementation of your individual issues. Services provided by the Company are conducted in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Upon completion of works associated with the collection, transportation and disposal of waste, we provide customers with all the necessary documentation.