Waste Identification and Collection

All the times various kinds of waste, from household to industrial and radioactive waste, have been constant companions of human life.
With the help of Utilizatsiya Otkhodov, you can take advantage of waste identification and collection services in relation to production wares and everyday life wastes.
Identification is the recognition of an object by its characteristics, properties, and title. Waste identification can be carried out in two ways – either visually or by laboratory tests.
Advantages of cooperation with “Utilizatsiya Otkhodov”
Companies operating in the field of collection, removal and disposal or further processing of waste provide cleanliness of the city and in the industry.
Experts of the Company provide a range of services for waste collection, removal and disposal at the highest professional level.
If necessary, our experts conduct laboratory research, mark, package or wipe out waste.
All our actions are carried out legally and in accordance with applicable law. At the end of the recycling process we provide customers with a full package of documents proving that the disposal was made following all the rules and requirements.
The cost of waste removal
The cost of transportation and subsequent disposal of waste depends on a few basic parameters: the amount of waste, hazard class, laboratory studies and disposal method.
Thus, the exact value of services provided by Utilizatsiya Otkhodov can be determined after the identification and collection of waste. Our company also offers its customers a service of the enterprise environmental monitoring.