Waste Transportation

Our company provides services for transportation of waste materials of hazard classes I-V within the whole territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
We are ready to provide services for the transportation of construction, liquid and industrial waste, snow, soil waste and other kinds of waste.
All works are carried out, taking into account technical characteristics, with the use of special containers, special vehicle park, as well as qualified staff.
Utilizatsiya Otkhodov performs daily transportation of any kind of waste. We represent a licensed company with all the necessary permissions to perform such works.
By means of large technical basis and popular transport equipment manufacturers, company staff provides effective pick-up of all hazard classes waste materials. Our huge vehicle park contains vehicles that are specially equipped for carrying out the transportation of waste. All vehicles regularly pass maintenance service. That is why high quality and high performance features have always been distinguishing factors in relation to our equipment.
Our core clients include the largest governmental entities, shopping centers, commercial companies, educational institutions and health care facilities.
We offer a large choice of specialized rolling stock:
  • GAZEL – up 1.5 t, up to 12 m³, 4 Euro pallets
  • BYCHOK – up 3.0 t, up to 17 m³, 6 Euro pallets
  • ZIL, GAZ – up 5.0 t, up to 30 m³, 7 Euro pallets
  • KAMAZ – up 10.0 t, up to 36 m³, 13 Euro pallets
  • KAMAZ Faun – up 40 m³
  • Euro Truck – up 20.0 t, up to 82 m³, 33 Euro pallets
  • KAMAZ Ilosos – up 7 m³, up to 10 m³
  • Dumping truck – up 20.0 t, up to 15 m³
  • Dumping truck – up 30.0 t, up to 25 m³
Railway transportation:
  • Waggon – 107 m³
  • Tank – 60 m³
Maritime transport:
  • Container – 40 ft.
  • Container – 40 HQ
  • Bulk tank – 30 m³