утилизация товара

Destruction of articles

Modern organisations should not only care about the quality of products, but also provide due attention to recycling of waste. Elaborate system of waste management is of great importance for the safety of people and the environment. The spoiled goods and goods with expiration dates passed shall not be present on the secondary production markets. Such negligence can lead to numerous intoxications among the population.
The company needs to establish a process so that the overdue goods and goods that have lost their consumer properties or those with a manufacturing defect would promptly be taken out of the production for the subsequent disposal.
Our company has many years of experience in waste management. Destruction of articles and production takes place in accordance with all relevant requirements, epidemiological rules and legislation.
Signing an agreement with the company Utilizatsiya Otkhodov, you can forget about the problems associated with the disposal of waste, and focus on your core business. We control the entire process of waste disposal from collection to destruction.
Our activity is not limited to the capital and adjacent areas; we work with companies throughout Russia. We were able to prove ourselves as responsible, modern, reliable and professional partners.
Disposal of defective products and other goods which are not subject to further use, takes place on specialised landfills, with the appropriate equipment and necessary for certificates and licenses.
Working with our company, you will get a number of advantages:
  • assistance in determining the hazard class of goods and products;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • operative removal of defective goods;
  • high professionalism of our employees.
If desired, the customer may be present at the site during the process of articles’ destruction. After completing all the work, we provide the customer with all documentation confirming that the recycling process was successful.