disposal of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products

Disposal of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products

Activity of any enterprise is not only connected with the production of a product, but also with the generation of wastes. The current legislation implies full responsibility of enterprises for timely or untimely waste disposal. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic products are also subject to liquidation, if it is a potential danger to human health and life.
There may be several reasons for the destruction of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages:
  • use of low-quality raw materials;
  • violation of storage conditions, such as temperature mode;
  • shelf life expiration;
  • detection of violations in technological process.
Destruction of counterfeit ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are provided in the following ways:
1. Liquidation at water treatment facilities;
2. Disposal in landfills;
3. Destruction using a thermal process.
Utilizatsiya Otkhodov provides services for the collection, transportation and subsequent disposal of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. We understand that non-seller is the ballast for enterprises and shops in wholesale and retail trade. In order to help you avoid any financial loss, we can get rid of non-seller within the shortest period of time to keep all the current rules and regulations.
High level of professionalism and experience of employees are a guarantee that the recycling of alcoholic products will take place without any complications.
Deciding to use our services, you will receive:
  • individual approach, taking into account your specific situation;
  • rapid loading and timely removal of defective goods;
  • providing customers with a set of documents that guarantee the destruction of non-seller.
We guarantee that the removal and disposal of alcoholic products will be carried out in compliance with all safety standards and rules.
Disposal of non-alcoholic products is one of the services provided by our company. High quality service, prompt execution of tasks, excellent reputation, was the main reasons for confidence in our work with clients.
Activities of Utilizatsiya Otkhodov are designed to make the process of disposing of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products for your company, professionally, fast and burdensome.