disposal of chemical waste

Disposal of chemical waste

The problem of disposal of chemical waste is characteristic for our country, as in the years of the development of chemical industry in warehouses, landfills, repositories, a large amount of waste hazardous goods has accumulated.
Chemical complex waste is a chemical or inert substances or mixtures of substances. The chemical wastes include:
  • laboratory waste;
  • waste of chemicals;
  • alkalis and acids;
  • poisons and pesticides;
  • mercury waste;
  • oil-contaminated waste;
  • halogens;
  • pyrosupplies.
Needless to say, that if such chemical wastes are not in time processed, decontaminated and disposed of, they are dangerous to the ecosystem of our planet. They pollute the air, soil, water resources, becoming a serious problem for humans, animal and plant life.
Any company, especially associated with the chemical industry, should take care of proper disposal. Under Russian law, this activity shall be done by specialised organisations which have all the necessary regulatory approvals, certificates and licenses.
Turning to the company “Utilizatsiya Otkhodov”, you will receive a list of all necessary services. We work with waste of all hazard classes, so the collection, transportation and disposal of chemical waste is customary daily activities for us.
Our company carries out work with clients as follows:
1. A preliminary assessment of the scope of future work is carried out, should the need arises, sampling and rapid tests are made.
2. The information obtained is analysed in order to identify the possible and most appropriate method of disposal. Based on the available data, a contract and invoice for payment are drafted.
3. After the payment, our specialists visit the site. We provide a full range of services efficiently and quickly. Collection and disposal of chemical waste is carried out using specialised equipment in compliance with all the rules and regulations of sanitary safety.
4. The next step is directly the processing and recycling. We recycle chemical waste at our own factories and landfills.
5. At the final stage of our work all reporting documents are sent to the client.
We work not only with capital enterprises and organisations of the Moscow vicinity; our work covers the entire territory of Russia. As our customer, you will forget about the problems associated with the disposal of chemical waste.