disposal of medical waste

Disposal of medical waste

As in conventional enterprise in health care organisations in the process of work waste are generated, which can not be disposed of in the trash as simple garbage, its disposal requires compliance with certain rules.
Waste of medical laboratories and medical institutions need careful attention, as they are potentially dangerous to humans. Often pathogens of infectious diseases, toxic and sometimes radioactive substances are contained in their composition.
By hazard class medical waste is classified into the following groups:
  • Class “A” – epidemiologically safe. These include: food waste, equipment, furniture and diagnostic faulty or outdated equipment, which does not have the content of toxic substances;
  • Class “B” – epidemiologically dangerous. These include: pathological waste; tools and materials contaminated with blood or body wastes; organic waste of operating rooms, laboratories;
  • Class “C” – extremely epidemiologically hazardous waste. These include: wastes of microbiology laboratories and chest departments; wastes of laboratories and other medical units having contact with microorganisms of 1-2 pathogenic groups;
  • Class “D” – toxicologically dangerous. These include: drugs that have expired; equipment and devices with mercury in its composition; overdue disinfectants, etc;
  • Class “E” – radioactive waste.
Disposal of medical waste is one of the activities of our company. We have all the necessary licenses and certificates giving the right to work in this field.
Utilizatsiya Otkhodov offers services related to waste management of organisations based anywhere in the Russian Federation. Collection and disposal of medical waste is provided by modern processes with reduced impact to the environment and accessible to the enterprise.
Removal and disposal of medical waste is a process that requires the professional expertise of staff, specialised machinery and equipment.
Over the years, we have earned a reputation as a reliable and responsible partner, whose activities are compliant with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Working with our company, you can be assured of a professional and timely delivery of services for the disposal of medical and laboratory waste at the highest level.