recycling of metal and waste metal

Recycling of metal and waste metal

Metal recycling and processing is the most useful for the economic life of the country process. Scrap metal is melted and can be successfully used for further manufacture of various products. What do we mean by waste metals?
These include:
  • metal products and devices that are already out of use;
  • wastes, generated in the production of ferrous metals;
  • by-products of rolled stock;
  • wastes resulting when ends the service life of devices, buildings, machinery, metal construction, etc.
Metal waste consists of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which can be explosive, chemically and radioactively hazardous, and flammable. Like any other waste, metal waste is harmful to the environment. Therefore, the collection and recycling of waste metal must be timely, complete, and qualitative.
Recycling of waste metal consists of several process steps which include:
  • dismantling of structures and collection of waste metal;
  • waste transportation to the processing plant;
  • tests of waste metal (including dosimeter check);
  • separation of iron-and-steel waste from nonferrous waste;
  • separation of various non-metallic impurities;
  • final inspection of waste;
  • recycling.
After that waste is converted into finished raw products or merchantable metal scrap, ready to use for smelting of metals. All these operations can only be carried out by specialised company in the presence of trained personnel and special equipment.
Our company provides a full range of services for the collection, removal and subsequent recycling of waste metal. We have everything you need for this: qualified staff, specialised equipment for the transportation of waste metals for recycling, as well as specialised equipment for radiation monitoring and control of explosion protection and appropriate licenses.
Our company offers long-term and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation on the removal and disposal of waste metal. You only need to call our manager to a multi-channel contact phone number. Utilizatsiya Otkhodov offers quality of performance, clear organization of work and guarantee.