disposal of oil sludge

Disposal of oil sludge

Ecological safety of our country is one of the major challenges facing business leaders in a given region. That is why competent waste management system is of great importance in the work of any enterprise.
In the process of petroleum refining is generated waste, the so-called oil sludge, which has complex physical and chemical composition: petrochemicals, water and mechanical impurities (clay, sand).
Oil sludge is distinguished by type:
  • natural, which appeared due to subsidence of oil on the bottom of reservoirs, and subsequently mixed with water and silt;
  • ground, which appeared after oil spill on the ground;
  • reservoir, a chemical reaction of oil with the surface of the oil tank.
Work on the disposal of oil sludge is a necessary measure to protect the ecology from contamination of soil, groundwater and air.
Utilizatsiya Otkhodov offers a range of services related to the collection, transportation and subsequent processing of oil sludge. Needless to say that the presence of a complex physical and chemical composition provides such mission as recycling of oil sludge, rather time-consuming, requiring a certain level of experience and knowledge.
Modern technology is used for its implementation:
  • chemical – use of chemical reagents;
  • biological – use of biologically active substances;
  • thermal – burning method;
  • combined – fractionation, dehydration and drying.
Recycling and disposal of oil sludge is directed to the use of efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, the use of specialised equipment and waste-free treatment and disposal technologies.
Processed oil products – oil drilling fluids, oils, liquid waste from oil separators, tank oil sludge – if desired, are recyclable and produced into gas, oil, fuel, electricity, road surface.
Removal of oil sludge from the territory of the enterprise is carried out quickly using specialised equipment.
We guarantee high quality and professionalism of all operations. Our company has everything you need for this:
  • highly qualified employees;
  • necessary equipment and automotive equipment;
  • extensive experience;
  • allowing documents to this type of activity.
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