car wash wastewater treatment

Car wash wastewater treatment

Modern dynamic city is characterised by a vast transportation network. Increase in the number of private vehicles in the city leads to the growing number of car washes, and thus increases the amount of contaminated wastewater.
Cars driving through the territory of Russia often need to be washed. This feature is due to the following factors:
  • poor condition of roads;
  • climatic features;
  • treatment of roads with reagents with a complex chemical composition.
During the cleaning, dirty water draining from cars, in addition to suspended substances and petroleum products contains impurities such as engine oils, shampoos, salts, battery electrolyte, etc. As a rule, the degree of contamination of drains after washing the car is significantly higher than the maximum allowable concentration.
Therefore, a significant part of the car washes is equipped with special tanks that store generated waste. Such a process of wastewater collection is not only environmentally friendly, but also a practical measure, as suspended substances do not flow into the ground and can be easily pumped out using specialised equipment.
Car wash wastewater treatment is one of the services provided by the company “Utilizatsiya Otkhodov”. At the disposal of our company there are the following resources:
  • highly qualified employees;
  • European pollution control equipment;
  • specialised equipment;
In our technological park there are sewage cesspool tank trucks and slime pump trucks. With their help, pumping sludge from car washes is not a problem. This technique allows for the effective implementation of any complexity in the short term, cleaning reservoirs from the most complex and crusted sludge.
Slime pumping from car washes is the most effective procedure, during which the filled tanks are emptied. Car wash wastewater treatment is provided in specialised treatment facilities.
To avoid breakdowns of the cleaning system, do not postpone pumping wastewater from car wash until the last moment.
Our company has an extensive customer base throughout Russia. We are ready to help any company that needs eco-friendly, safe, high-quality disposal of liquid waste of any hazard class.
As our customer, you can easily shift the responsibilities associated with neutralisation and disposal of waste on us, so to be completely focused on your core business.