disposal of office equipment

Disposal of office equipment

Collection, removal and subsequent disposal of office equipment in the modern world is the greatest challenge facing cleaning the city of waste. In pursuit of technological progress, manufacturers produce new samples of all kinds of industrial, household and computer equipment, almost every month. Consumers, in turn, intend to buy the latest equipment, which helps them in manufacturing and housekeeping. And this is natural, but what shall be done with the equipment, that is already impossible to sell on the secondary market?
We provide the following services:
Utilizatsiya Otkhodov will help solving problems with the removal and disposal of office equipment for organisations, enterprises, government agencies. Our company offers a full range of services for the collection, disposal, recycling of household equipment, industrial machinery and equipment in any volumes and quantities.
Disposal of equipment and office equipment has one feature – precious metals are used in their production, that require maintaining strict accountability by the relevant authorities. Organisations and enterprises that are not associated with precious gems and metals, must have the approval documents for further processing of such equipment. Lack of licenses and other permits may entail huge fines by the state authorities.
Utilizatsiya Otkhodov is represented by qualified specialists who are able to provide waste collection and disposal of equipment of various types and purposes at your enterprise, in a short time. You only need to call our manager on the multichannel contact number to start using our services. We guarantee that collection, disposal and recycling, provided with our help will not cause you more problems.
Our company also offers long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation conditions for removal and disposal of office equipment.