disposal of liquid waste

Disposal of liquid waste

Fast high-tech development brings not only benefits for the people, but is also associated with such a negative factor as a significant release of waste into environment. Proper and timely disposal of waste from enterprises is not a problem that can wait for later; it is a question of vital importance.
What is industrial waste? These are the substances formed during the operation of the enterprise that are not suitable for use in existing industrial technologies.
The problem of disposal of liquid waste is relevant for each process of industrial production. It is worth noting, that the larger the production, the larger volumes of different waste are produced.
Utilizatsiya Otkhodov provides a full range of services for disposal of liquid waste. Years of experience and available resources allow us working with customers comprehensively, quickly, professionally and efficiently. Our company works with liquid waste from 1 to 5 hazard class.
We pump, collect and recycle industrial liquid waste of the following varieties:
  • emulsions, petrochemical products, waste lubricating-cooling fluids;
  • wastewaters, sewage disposal plants sludge;
  • paint-and-varnish waste, solvents;
Removal and disposal of liquid waste is carried out on the basis of all the necessary licenses and certificates entitling to produce work in accordance with the rules and standards of the Russian legislation.
Pumping of liquid waste is carried out with the help of special equipment. Our experts will provide timely assistance; each of them is a professional, because we attribute great importance to training of employees, compliance with all security measures, and focus attention on environmental activities.
Collection of liquid waste requires specialised vehicles. Our staff will carry out the export of industrial liquid waste to the appropriate landfills for further decontamination. In our work we use equipment that meets European standards, as a rule, the installations of European manufacturers.
We understand how important our work is for the present and future of the country. Trust the professionals and we will quickly and efficiently cope with responsibilities assigned to us, eliminate any waste volume quickly and easily.