Waste Disposal

We provide collection, sorting, export, processing and recycling waste. This service can be ordered not only in complex, but also separately. We provide transport and special equipment to solve problems with bulky waste.
Working with us is profitable, and most importantly, comfortable. Only our customers receive a huge number of benefits.
We provide the following services:
➡ Waste removal – thanks to special equipment and highly skilled professionals, we guarantee that we will clean up your territory from chemical waste, industrial and other origin waste, quickly and efficiently.
➡ Waste disposal – we will provide disposal of all types of waste quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price, with the provision of all documents in accordance with applicable legislation.
➡ Waste processing – everything that can be given for recycling is certainly send for secondary production cycle.
In addition, we offer such a service as recycle of office equipment. To date, outdated equipment and electrical appliances are a major problem not only in America and Europe, but also in Russia. Disposal of such kind of waste should be carried out with huge financial borrowings and considerable effort. However, our company will help every customer easily forget about this problem.
Such equipment can be represented by:
  • laptops and PCs;
  • multifunctional devices;
  • telephones and faxes;
  • TV and radio equipment.
We provide only full recycling, wherever it is possible. Thus, they do not get to landfills, and our clients do not have to pay extra money for a negative impact on the environment.
Experience the benefits of working with a team of highly skilled professionals today.
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